Adhesion Promoters and Paint Additives

Providing adhesion solutions to the printing industry

Innovation in new materials for inks to be printed on are creating issues in the printing industry such as weak adhesion, heat resistance and scrub resistance, these are challenges the printing industry are looking to improve due to the large demand in the food packaging industry.

  • Weak adhesion would cause an undesirable end product due to its poor adhesion with the printing ink. Optimal physical appearance is essential in the printing inks industry
  • Poor scrub resistance would lead to a low quality end product due everyday environmental conditions affecting the product before it reaches the end consumer
  • Poor heat resistance is essential to combat changing temperature conditions and to withstand heat exerted from the product itself.

Here is how our solutions help companies meet these requirements

Bacote 20

Bacote 20 is used in water based systems to crosslink pigments on to substrates in the food packaging industry. Bacote 20 has been known to improve adhesion and increase scrub resistance which are challenges currently in the printing industry

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Zirconium Propionate

Zirconium propionate is our adhesion promoter used in solvent based inks such as flexographic and gravure inks. With the addition of Zirconium propionate, improved ink adhesion onto difficult substrates such as polypropylene. This allows companies to reach their desired physical appearance on other materials that would not have been viable.

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Luxfer MEL Technologies offers a wide range of coatings and solutions products for the ink and paperboard industries applications.

We’d love to hear about your applications and discuss how our materials can offer you a solution.