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Unmatched Performance SoluMag® HS – The High Strength Magnesium Alloy

Continuing as the world leader in the development and supply of highly functional alloys, Luxfer MEL Technologies maintains our initiative by offering an alloy with the ultra-high strength and distinct corrosion properties designed for the severe applications of the oil and gas industry – SoluMag® High Strength.

What are the benefits SoluMag®?

While SoluMag® patented technology provides the platform of alloys to support applications where strength properties and dissolution rates are vital, SoluMag HS has the highest tensile strength of all the SoluMag alloy offerings.  SoluMag HS is a lightweight alloy that achieves high levels of strength and has a correspondingly low ductility.  SoluMag HS is available in three different tempers to tailor the strength to your design needs on many of the high-load components in your downhole tools.

How Can SoluMag® be used?

SoluMag HS can be extruded in seamless tubes and bars for you to produce components for downhole equipment (such as frac plugs) that have the higher strength requirements needed in environments to perform as designed for oil field operations.  As with all the SoluMag products, SoluMag HS is designed with a controlled corrosion rate that will effectively dissolve the component in a known time with a known fluid.

For downhole applications requiring strength, stability, and consistency, SoluMag HS is the best choice for components used in completion equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Speak with a member of our dedicated SoluMag® team and for more information of how we can help with your application.

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