Life at Luxfer

Our vision is to be the global partner of choice in the supply of high performance magnesium and zirconium materials.

We can only achieve this with our people; the people who work with us; the people who are Luxfer. We believe everyone here can make a difference and our success is linked to the performance of our people.

We are big enough to be a global leader in what we do, yet we are lucky enough to have an environment small enough to feel like family.

By hiring the best talent, working in an innovative environment whilst providing the best tools for our people to get the job done and giving everyone the chance to share in our success, we have found a sustainable way to grow and reap the rewards in a challenging market.

This is life at Luxfer.

Why us?
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Our Values

Our values are our guiding principles, which focus on us working collaboratively to raise the bar. They shape our culture and define who we are, the way we do business and what we believe.

When we apply them to what we do, they are what makes us special and help guide us in the ongoing success of how we do things.

Each value has four supporting behaviours. When carrying out our work, we demonstrate these behaviours, which show we are committed to living our values.

Hover over each value below to see how we do things around here.

Customer First

We make it easy to do business with Luxfer, and we continually strive to exceed customer expectations and be the partner of choice.

  • We actively listen to our customers and learn what they expect from us.
  • We deliver on all our commitments.
  • We partner with our customers, building strong relationships and providing innovative solutions that help them succeed.
  • We constantly focus on improving our service, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Integrity is not a choice

We deal ethically and honestly with our customers, business partners, shareholders, communities and Luxfer colleagues.

  • We do what is right, complying with laws and regulations in the many regions we serve and demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all our dealings.
  • We treat others fairly and communicate openly, candidly and respectfully.
  • We put safety first in our workplaces and in every product we make.
  • We are an environmentally responsible company.

Accountability starts with me

We embrace opportunities, rise above circumstances, accept responsibility for our actions—and deliver agreed results.

  • We demonstrate a can-do attitude and see “doing the job” and “delivering agreed results” as one and the same.
  • We are crystal clear about what our roles and responsibilities mean for our organization.
  • We understand how our individual objectives align with business goals and we do what we say – because accountability starts with each of us.
  • We persevere in the face of challenges and setbacks, responding with resilience and renewed commitment to get the job done right.

Innovation to drive competitive advantage

We continuously improve, embracing new ideas, taking calculated risks, creating better ways of working and developing new products and services that ensure our future success and growth.

  • We pay close attention to markets we serve, identifying emerging trends and anticipating changes to stay ahead of competitors.
  • We regularly review and improve our existing products and services.
  • We not only develop valuable new products, we also create new applications.
  • We are agile and adaptable, changing rapidly whenever necessary.

Personal Development is critical for attracting the best talent

We value personal talent and potential, and we invest in our people, maximizing opportunities for individual development.

  • We encourage each employee to take responsibility for professional growth.
  • We continually improve our existing skills and learn new ones.
  • We regularly review and reward personal performance that benefits both our customers and our business.
  • We learn from our successes and failures, and we regularly accept and give constructive feedback.

Teams with best results are engaging and non-hierarchical

We work together effectively in teams to achieve our common goals in ways that benefit our customers, local operations and global business.

  • We listen to and learn from each other, respecting diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • We cooperate and collaborate with each other to create clear plans that we execute successfully together.
  • We help each other, providing feedback, coaching and encouragement as we succeed both individually and collectively.
  • We take pride in being Luxfer employees and we regularly recognize each other’s accomplishments.

Training and Development

Our world and our technology doesn’t stand still, so why should you? We fully encourage everyone here to push boundaries to grow and learn at work and we provide the tools and goals our people need to unlock their true potential.

Working here, you will be surrounded by the best people in the market, who can teach you new things and help you be at your best.

We provide bespoke inductions and continuous training to all our people. Whether the training you need is on the job, inhouse, professional or further educational studies, our mission is to ensure everyone here is enabled to make an impact.

What it’s like at Luxfer

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what people have to say about their life at Luxfer MEL Technologies below.

LMT is a place where challenges and opportunities meet together to sculpture great careers.

Emiliana Dvininov – Technical Community, Research and Development

I started here when I was 15 years of age, in June 1986 as an Office Junior. It has always been a great company to work for. I love the people, the drive and also great salaries and futures available for all employees.

Personal Development is one of the core values here. LMT have paid for my further education at both day release college and night school and my manager has always encouraged me to build my own career.

Karen HodgkissKaren Hodgkiss – Credit Controller, Finance

One of the many things that attracted me to work here was to be part of a business that produces world-class innovative material technology that makes a real difference. Our products and markets are so diverse; every day is a different and interesting challenge. I have been lucky enough to be involved in projects for formula one cars, jet fighters and supercars during my career here!

Rick Tonge – Sector Manager – Wrought Magnesium, Sales and Marketing

The people here are fantastic. It’s one of the reasons I’ve liked working here for over 30 years. And I will keep working here until they drag me out or throw me out!

(Garry actually retired in 2018 but his legacy still lives on!)

Garry McCabe – ProcurementGarry McCabe – Buyer, Procurement

I joined in 2017 and was attracted to the unique chemical processes in which we deploy in making Zirconium Oxides products. The company provides an environment where good strides are required in making different grades of products and the need for exercising different core skills to achieve desire targets. This truly means every day is never the same and gives opportunity for honing different skills set.

Samuel Shomefun – OperationsSamuel Shomefun – Process Engineer, Operations

I love working in such a friendly environment.

Dorel Dvininov – Research and DevelopmentDorel Dvininov – Analytical Chemist, Research and Development

I joined in 2012, having previously worked in a similar area of science and have a PhD in Zirconium Chemistry. The best thing about working here is definitely the people I work with.

Iryna ChepurnaIryna Chepurna – Senior Chemist, Research and Development

I joined in 2017 to project manage an upgrade of old infrastructure facilities and to deliver effective solutions. To do this, I have to deal with colleagues at all levels. What has impressed me is that the entire workforce, in all areas, is conscientious, friendly and professional. I am confident that the business will become even more successful because this hi-tech business has great people who are willing to listen and help in all kinds of ways to achieve our vision.

Graham Nimbley – Infrastructure and Process TechnologyGraham Nimbley – Engineering Projects Manager, Infrastructure and Process Technology

Luxfer is a great place to work with nice, friendly and professional people.

Lukasz KonarzewskiLukasz Konarzewski – Magnesium Production Operative, Operations

Working here is both a pleasure and a privilege. We enjoy what we do here, and it shows in the strong established relationships. It is exciting and motivating to be a part of a committed, diverse and friendly team that in an ever-expanding company. Nothing beats the feeling of being continuously challenged, whilst thoroughly enjoying your role.

What makes us stand out is that every employee has a stake in the company’s success and we operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. We have grown rapidly and continue to succeed, because we are a forward thinking organisation that has the ability to rise to any challenge we may face.

My history at LMT has indeed been an enriching experience. I am grateful to have contributed to this organisation for so long and look forward to the years still ahead.

Vijay PatelVijay Patel – Maintenance Systems Planner, Engineering

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