2018 – Creation of Luxfer MEL Technologies

After the appointment of Luxfer CEO, Alok Maskara, in June 2017, Magnesium Elektron and MEL Chemicals once again, become one. This time, under the name of Luxfer MEL Technologies. Combining expertise in many departments, Luxfer MEL Technologies and leading suppliers of Magnesium and Zirconium based products.

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2012 – SynerMag Facility Opened

Our state of the art SynerMag facility was built to produce our state of the art bio-absorbable magnesium alloys. Much of the equipment is bespoke, designed specifically to achieve the consistent high quality requirements expected of our SynerMag Products.

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2003 – MEL acquires SCI

Magnesium Elektron acquired the magnesium casting and rolling assets of SCI at Madison, Illinois and the photoengraving plate operation at Findlay, Ohio, giving them a substantial presence in the magnesium rolled products market and a leading position in the magnesium photoengraving sector.

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1996 – Became wholly owned by Luxfer Group

The Luxfer Group acquired Magnesium Elektron limited in 1996. The Company in its current form was created in February 1996 from a management buy-out of the downstream operations of British Alcan and formed a new company, initially called British Aluminium Limited.

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1990 – Magnesium Elektron acquires Reade Manufacturing Co.

Magnesium Elektron acquired Reade Manufacturing Co. a manufacturer of particulate magnesium powders based at Lakehurst, Manchester, New Jersey. Originally established in the late 1700’s in Wolverhampton, England the company relocated to Jersey City in 1881. The acquisition gave Magnesium Elektron access to technology and expertise in the manufacture of magnesium powders.

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