Military aircraft represent one of the largest markets for Elektron® alloys, which are used in many of the same applications mentioned in the commercial aerospace section. However, military aircraft operate in more demanding environments than most commercial aircraft. Weight control is important, but not necessarily for fuel efficiency. Military aircraft are required to perform at the very edge of technical limitations and must therefore reduce mass wherever possible.

Military helicopters employing Elektron® alloys include the Sikorsky H-60 series (BlackHawk, Seahawk and Special Forces versions), CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache and the newly upgraded AH-64 Block III Apache, in which our Elektron® 21 alloy is also used to achieve higher horsepower at higher temperatures.

Virtually all new U.S. and many European fighter aircraft contain Elektron® alloys in their power systems. Since fighter engines run at very high temperatures, our advanced, heat-resistant Elektron® WE43 and Elektron® 21 alloys are used almost exclusively in auxiliary power units (APUs), constant speed drives (CSDs), airframe-mounted accessory drives (AMADs) and engine gearboxes. Fighter aircraft using these alloys include the F-22, F-35, F-16 upgrades and Eurofighter Typhoon.