Luxfer MEL Technologies has extensive know how in understanding the scientific properties of our Zirconium Oxides and Hydroxides and has proven experience in scaling up material with customised properties to suit our customer needs.

Our Catalysis team focus on the continuous development of our products and bring an innovative approach when working on new products and technologies to suit the ever-changing legislative requirements. We have produced numerous papers and generated IP in this area and continue to work at the forefront of new Zirconium technology in the Catalysis field both through Customer and University collaborations and under our own development programs.

Please see more information below on our capabilities in automotive catalysis and industrial catalysis.

Automotive Catalysis

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Industrial Catalysis

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Meet the Team

Paul Rogan

Sector Manager

Based in Manchester, UK, Paul supports our solutions and catalysis customers across the globe. Having 25 years of experience within the chemical industry, Paul enables his clients to develop high performance zirconia products using his expertise and Luxfer’s state of the art technology. Reach out to Paul today to discuss how Luxfer’s catalysis products can fit into your application.