Adsorbent Materials

Luxfer MEL Technologies has a range of MELsorb amorphous zirconium hydroxide powders that have been used in the development of products for protection of the warfighter from toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents.

Our MELsorb zirconium hydroxide variants are unique precipitated powders with tailored particle size, meso-porosity and total pore volume. The chemical resistance and tunable surface properties of zirconium hydroxide enable optimized abatement of acidic and basic target molecules in both gaseous and liquid forms. Engineered sorbent media products have been developed from our MELsorb zirconium hydroxides for removal of toxic vapors and decontamination of chemical agents. Luxfer MEL Technologies Solutions Chemicals range can also be used as precursors to precipitated adsorbents.

MELsorb 1247

MELsorb 1247 is a 5 micron precipitated powder

MELsorb 1501

MELsorb 1501 is a high porosity precipitated powder available in various particle sizes including 1 and 25 micron

  • MELsorb 1501/6 – 1um finest particle size (milled)
  • MELsorb 1501/9 – 4-10 micron
  • MELsorb 1501/3 – 25 micron (spray dried)

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