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Bacote® 20 series (AZC)

Stabilized Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC) | 68309-95-5

Paper and paperboard, water-based inks, and binder.

Effective inorganic crosslinkers suitable for practically all types of pigmented paper and paperboard applications. Bacote® 20 series of products consist of a clear, aqueous alkaline solution of stabilized ammonium zirconium carbonate, available in multiple concentrations.


There is a slight ammonia odor associated with Bacote® 20, and ammonia is released upon evaporation. There is no odor associated after curing.

Chemical analysis

ZrO2 + HfO2*

Viscosity at 25oc – 5cps

pH – 9.0–9.8

Specific gravity – 1.36


Rest of world: 25 kg quad retainers 250 kg plastic drums, 1,250 kg intermediate bulk containers.

North and South America 50 pound pails 550 lb drums 3,300 pounds totes.

Bulk containers available upon request.

  • Formaldehyde-free – Environmentally conscious
  • Rapid cure – No need for elevated temperatures or extended curing time
  • Effective with all commonly used binders − Starch, CMC, casein, proteins, carboxylated latex, dextrin, styrene acrylic, PVOH, etc.
  • Improved printability – Achieved through optimal water resistance, an open coating structure, reduction of contact angle and uniform distribution of binders throughout the coating reducing mottle
  • No adverse effects on optical properties – No time or heat exposure yellowing
  • FDA and BfR approved – Used in direct contact with aqueous, fatty and dry foods
  1. Binder insolubilizer for paper and paperboard coatings, along with dry-laid non-woven materials
  2. Deposit Control in the wet-end of the paper-making process
  3. Strength additive for alkaline-sized paper
  4. Component of water-based inks, overprint varnishes, paints, adhesives, coatings, etc.
  5. Antimicrobial treatment for textiles and timber, especially for fixation of copper salts
  6. Component of textile, leather and paper waterrepellent formulations

*This product should be shipped using protect from freeze equipment between November 1st and April 1st.*

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