Magnesium Alloys for Land-Based Defense and Military Applications

Improve mission performance through Luxfer MEL Technologies Lightweight Materials

Todays Infantry ground soldiers carry an average of 27 pounds (12kg) of personal protective equipment, in addition to their weapon, ammunition, water, and other gear. However, during recent conflicts, dismounted ground combat troops were found to carry 90 to 140 pounds(40kg) or more, significantly impacting mobility, causing fatigue, and reducing mission performance. For more information, visit

Luxfer MEL Technologies is proud to offer cutting-edge lightweight magnesium technology for man-portable military devices. Our specially formulated magnesium-based alloys meet the demanding requirements of military applications, providing numerous advantages over traditional materials like steel and aluminum. Discover more about our innovative solutions for the military industry.

Why use Magensium Alloys in Defense Applications?

Lightweight and Durable

Our magnesium alloys are up to 75% lighter than steel, and up to 33% lighter than aluminium, making them ideal for man-portable devices that need to be carried over long distances. 

Despite their low weight, magnesium alloys are also strong and durable, providing a high level of impact resistance and reliability in the most demanding environments. 

Corrosion Resistance

Luxfer MEL Technologies unique range of lightweight extruded magnesium products enable; lighter, stronger, safer and higher performance designs.

Thermal Conductivity

Magnesium alloys have  excellent thermal conductivity properties, meaning they can quickly and efficiently dissipate heat.  This makes them an ideal choice for devices that generate a lot of heat, such as batteries, power systems and other electronics. 

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Luxfer MEL Technologies magnesium alloys are a cost effective solution compared to other lightweight materials like carbon fibre. They can be easily machined and forged, which allows you to  create more complex shapes and designs. Our alloys are also more environmentally friendly thanks to them being fully recyclable. 

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