High Performance Magnesium Wheels Technology

Luxfer MEL Technologies unique magnesium material technology enables lighter, stronger, safer and higher performance Magnesium Wheel designs.

Luxfer MEL Technologies is one of the only manufacturers in the world that has the capability to produce high quality magnesium materials for on and off road wheel applications.

Why Magnesium?

Mg is 33% lighter than aluminium. Magnesium technology enables designs with significantly lower unsprung mass which improves vehicle performance

Excellent corrosion resistance, meets automotive OEM tests with suitable coating system alongside high strength, high stiffness and toughness even at elevated operating temperatures. Magnesium is Formula One’s best kept secret.

How Luxfer MEL Technologies High Performance Team can help

We provide technical advice on forging magnesium alloys, forged magnesium wheels, machining and processing magnesium materials, contact us today to discuss your application.

Meet the High Performance Team

Rick Tonge MBA

Product Line Manager

Based in Manchester, UK, Rick supports our customers globally, enabling his clients to design high performance products using Luxfer’s material technology. Why not reach out to Rick today?

    Design with Magnesium

    For information on how to Design with Magnesium register for our design guide