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SoluMag® dissolvable alloys have high compression and tensile strengths for frac plug, sliding sleeves, and other completion applications.

SoluMag® has a controlled corrosion rate to ensure dissolution in fluid environments once its functional life is over.

These materials don’t require acid or other aggressive chemicals to dissolve, but rely on frac fluids during the flow-back portion of the process for dissolution.

This combination of strength and corrosion properties was developed based on Luxfer MEL Technologies’ extensive knowledge of alloys and how these materials function in severe applications.

SoluMag® 1100 has a corrosion rate of 1100 MCD (milligrams/sq cm/day) in 3% KCl solutions at 200F. This high strength magnesium alloy has good ductility and works well in frac plugs and balls.  SoluMag® 1100 needs at least 10,000 ppm chloride ion to corrode actively.

SoluMag® HD has the highest ductility of all of the SoluMag® alloys. This material exhibits high ductility in longitudinal and transverse directions. This version of SoluMag® is for applications where deformation of the material is needed for sealing against casing, as an example.

SoluMag® HS has the highest tensile strength of all of the SoluMag® alloys. The HS version achieves these high levels of strength and has correspondingly low ductility. SoluMag® HS is available in three different tempers to tailor the tensile strength.

Information Available to Assist in Design

Design manual

Our Magnesium Design Guide helps explain the wide world of magnesium alloys. It is an in-depth look at the alloys, forms, properties and methods used when working with this light weight metal.

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When evaluating materials for any design, understanding how the material handles stress is important for success. This information is in longitudinal and transverse orientations and can be used in FEA modelling.

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SoluMag® alloys have been tested in a variety of aqueous solutions. This information will help the designer understand corrosion rate in various solutions so you can accurately predict product life.

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SoluMag® alloys can be coated with all of the standard paint processes. This information will help select the right coating for the right reasons.

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SoluMag, UK Patent No 2529062B. July 2015

This information is proprietary to Luxfer MEL Technologies. A non-disclosure agreement is required between our companies before some of this informaiton can be released.