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Elektron® 43 Extruded Products


Elektron® 43 is a light, high strength wrought magnesium alloy for use at temperatures up to 250˚C. Designs in Elektron® 43 can be 20% to 30% lighter than a corresponding aluminium design. Elektron® 43 is available as rolled plate, forging feedstock and extruded bar, section and profile. Elektron® 43 is an optimised wrought evolution of the original casting alloy, Elektron® WE43.

The properties of Elektron® 43 mean it is well suited for use as feedstock material from which to machine high performance components, especially those associated with elevated temperature performance. 

Elektron® 43 has undergone extensive flammability testing by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).The FAA have shown that the use of Elektron® 43 in aircraft seat frames does not reduce the level of safety of the aircraft when compared to heavier aluminium seat components.

  • UNS M18434
  • ASTM WE43C
  • AMS 4485 – Extrusion
  • ASTM B107 and B107M – Extrusion
  • MMPDS-08 (and later versions) – Including full
    A and B basis statistical analysis of properties for
    bothextrusions and plate.
  • Yttrium: 3.7 – 4.3%
  • Rare earths: 2.3 – 3.5%
  • Zirconium: 0.2% min
  • Magnesium: Balance

Extruded Elektron® 43 develops its maximum strength in the artificially aged (T5) heat treated condition.

Specific gravity: 1.83
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 25.6 x 10-6K-1
Thermal conductivity: 57.6 Wm-1K-1
Specific heat: 993 Jkg-1K-1
Electrical resistivity: 148 nΩm
Modulus of elasticity: 44.1 GPa
Poisson’s ratio: 0.3
Melting range: 540 – 640˚C
Damping index: 0.09
Brinell hardness: 70 – 90 

Longitudinal – Specification minima (A-basis statistical) 

Extruded – T5

0.2% proof: 195 MPa (28.2 ksi)
Ultimate tensile strength: 303 MPa (43.9 ksi)
Elongation: 6%

Ambient temperature mechanical properties 

T5 properties for extruded Elektron® 43 are dependent upon extruded profile. Tensile strength values up to 300 MPa 0.2% PS (43.5 ksi); 375 MPa UTS (54.4 ksi); and elongation of 11% have been demonstrated. 

Extruded bar – Longitudinal 

Extruded bar – Transverse

Asymmetry is when the tensile yield strength is greater than the compressive yield strength due to the twinning behaviour. Elektron® 43 has reduced asymmetry compared to other magnesium alloys.

Elevated temperature properties

Extruded bar – Fatigue properties ASTM E466 axial fatigue

R=0.1 at 50 million cycles = 195 MPa
Other R ratios are shown in the graph below.


Elektron® 43 rolled plate is available and has specification AMS 4371. Please see Magnesium Elektron® Datasheet 492.


Elektron® 43 is a high strength alloy that responds well to forging – please see Magnesium Elektron® information sheet, available on the website, for the forging of Elektron® 43.


Elektron® 43, like all magnesium alloys, machines faster than any other metal.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion rate < 30 mpy

Surface treatment

Elektron® 43 can be anodised with treatments including: Keronite®, Tagnite® and MagOxid®, amongst others.

Conversion coatings that are Hexavalent chromium free are also available. These include:
Alodine® 160/161, Surtec® 650, Metalast® TCP-HF,
Oxsilan® MG 0611, Gardobond® X4729, and
MagPass®, amongst others.

Like all magnesium alloys, Elektron® 43 can be painted or coated using conventional techniques following pre-treatment.

Meet the Magnesium Forging Billet Team

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Product Line Manager
Europe, Middle East & Asia

Based in Manchester, UK, Rick supports our oilfield customers outside of North America. Partnering with our global customers, Rick enables his clients to design high performance products using Luxfer’s dissolving and non-dissolving material technology. Why not reach out to Rick today to discuss how Luxfer’s innovative material technology can work in your completion tools setup?