High Purity Monoclinic Zirconias 

Luxfer MEL Technologies high purity monoclinic zirconias 

They are high performance, high purity zirconium oxides suitable for use in a variety of applications where a high level of control of chemical and physical properties is needed. 

Luxfer MEL Technologies high purity monoclinic zirconias are manufactured in the UK by a precisely controlled chemical precipitation process that ensures consistency of both purity and performance. 

Two grades, E101 and GL10, with different average particle sizes, surface areas and levels of purity.

Depending on the specific requirements of particle size, surface area and purity, monoclinic zirconias are commonly used in: 

  • High performance technical ceramics 
  • Electronic applications such as PZT 
  • Oxygen sensors 
  • Thermal barrier coatings 
  • Radiopacifiers for surgical cements 
  • Optical glass 

Standard packaging is 50 kg packed into poly-lined fibre-board drums. 

Regional SDS information is available on request.

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