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High Purity Monoclinic Zirconia for Surgical Cements

Luxfer MEL Technologies monoclinic zirconias 

They are high performance, high purity zirconium oxides suitable for use in surgical cements where a high level of control of chemical and physical properties is needed. 

Luxfer MEL Technologies monoclinic zirconias are manufactured in the UK by a precisely controlled chemical precipitation process that ensures consistency of both purity and performance. 

A high purity grade of zirconium oxide specifically designed as a contrast agent for surgical cement applications where high levels of radio-opacity are required. 

When compared to barium sulphate, zirconia generally: 

  • Shows significantly higher radio-opacity 
  • Is less soluble (by around 100X) 
  • Has less effect on the mechanical properties of the cement 
  • Shows less bone resorption 
  • Has a reduced effect on the PMMA curing temperature 

Standard packaging is 50 kg packed into poly-lined fibre-board drums. 

Regional SDS information is available on request. 

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