Yttria-Stabilised Zirconias for Injection Moulding MELox3Y U and 3Y UL 

 MELox3Y U and 3Y UL 

They are high performance, high purity yttria-stabilised zirconium oxides suitable for use in injection moulding of zirconia ceramic components for a variety of applications. 

MELoxstabilised zirconias are manufactured in the UK by a precisely controlled chemical precipitation process that ensures consistency of both purity and performance together with a fully homogeneous distribution of yttria. 

3 mol% yttria partially stabilised zirconium oxides with high reactivity. 

Free-flowing powders suitable for producing feedstock by blending with standard injection moulding compounds. 

Outstanding performance properties for final zirconia ceramic parts. 

With the higher surface area, MELox3Y U is ideal for use in injection moulding to produce small-sized ceramic parts with a fine-grained structure. 

MELox™ 3Y UL with a lower surface area is best suited to producing advanced ceramic parts used in wear and structural applications such as those found in aerospace, automotive and medical.

Standard packaging is 25 kg packed into poly-lined fibre-board drums. 

Regional SDS information is available on request. 

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