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Zirconium Acetate (ZAC)

Zirconyl Acetate, ZAC, ZAA, ZAH | 7585-20-8

Catalysis, pigment coating, and printing inks.

A mildly acidic clear, aqueous solution. Used for crosslinking and catalysis applications.


It can withstand medium to long term exposure to natural temperature extremes. Precipitates formed due to excess exposure to extreme cold will in most cases readily re-dissolve. Hydrolysis which may result from prolonged high temperature exposure can cause irreversible damage.

Chemical analysis



Rest of world: 25 kg quad retainers 250 kg plastic drums, 1,250 kg intermediate bulk containers.

North and South America: 50 pound pails 550 lb drums 3,300 pounds totes.

Bulk containers available upon request.

FDA approved.


ZrO2:   22–30%

  • Strong crosslink between water-repellent wax and textile substrates
  • Sodium chloride-free
  1. Zirconium/wax water repellents for semi-durable textile fabrics and paper
  2. Catalyst for curing silicone resins in water repellent treatments of textiles and leather
  3. “Filling” or “Re-tan” for high quality leather goods
  4. Binder in catalysis applications
  5. Crosslinker for gels
  6. Adhesion promoter in water-based printing inks
  7. Component of corrosion inhibiting pre-treatment process for metal

*This product should be shipped using protect from freeze equipment between November 1st and April 1st.*

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