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Zirconium Orthosulfate (ZOS)

Zirconyl Sulfate, ZSS, ZOS | 19696-82-3, 14644-61-2

Titanium dioxide pigment, and catalyst.

Zirconium Orthosulphate is a strongly acidic clear, aqueous solution used in manufacturing titanium dioxide pigments to reduce yellowing effects from UV light exposure. Additionally it is used for softening leather and as a degreasing agent.


Zirconium Orthosulfate provides a concentrated, high purity, easy to process solution, mainly for modifying pigments. A source of zirconia deposited on certain high quality titanium dioxide pigments.

Chemical analysis



Rest of world: 25 kg quad retainers 250 kg plastic drums, 1,250 kg intermediate bulk containers.

North and South America: 50 pound pails 550 lb drums 3,300 pounds totes.

Bulk containers available upon request.

Zirconium Orthosulfate (ZOS) Improves gloss retention and reflective properties in oil-based and water-based paints.

  1. Used in titanium dioxide pigment manufacture to reduce yellowing effects from UV light exposure (reduces photo-chemical activity of the titania)
  2. Precursor material for manufacturing other zirconium chemicals
  3. Leather tanning agent
  4. Precipitation/hardening of gelatin in the photographic industry
  5. Insolubilizer for water-based binders in wood adhesives
  6. Crosslinker for aqueous polymer emulsion systems

*This product should be shipped using protect from freeze equipment between November 1st and April 1st.*

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