Magnesium Alloys

Extruded and Forged Magnesium Alloys

Luxfer MEL Technologies provide magnesium alloy technology which improves performance through high-strength, lightweight materials. Magnesium alloys are 33% less dense than aluminium and used as a substitute material to increase performance even at elevated temperatures.

Luxfer MEL Technologies provide highly customised engineering solutions and magnesium alloys to our markets and customers through a dedicated 2,750t hydraulic extrusion press. Our magnesium forging billet is derived from high integrity Direct Chill billet. Luxfer MEL Technologies forging billet has excellent formability characteristics which reduces rejects and lowers processing costs for operators. Magnesium is the lightest structural material available, while being highly machinable, versatile and offering important properties such as vibration damping, corrosion resistance and EMI/RFI shielding.

Extruded Magnesium 

Forged Magnesium

Design with Magnesium

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