Forged Magnesium Alloys

Luxfer MEL Technologies unique range of forged magnesium alloys enable; lighter, stronger, safer and higher performance designs.

Our DC billet has excellent formability characteristics which reduces, rejects and lowers processing costs for operators. DC cast alloys is supplied in the homogenised condition with a high quality machined surface suitable for forging.

Luxfer MEL Technologies is one of the only producers in the world manufacturing high quality magnesium alloys in large volumes.

Our high integrity billet exceeds the automotive industry standard for corrosion resistance, toughness, ductility and also strength.

Magnesium is 30% lighter than aluminium significantly reduces the mass of structural components in high performance applications.

We provide technical advice on forging magnesium alloys, forged magnesium wheels, machining and processing magnesium materials, contact us today to discuss your application.

Magnesium Forging Alloys


Design with Magnesium

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Elektron® 43

Elektron® 43 is a light, high strength wrought magnesium alloy for use at temperatures up to 250 ̊C.

Elektron® RotaMag® AZ80A Forging Billet

AZ80A is a wrought magnesium base alloy containing aluminium, zinc and manganese.

Elektron® Cast Billet

Direct chill cast billet is manufactured by Luxfer MEL Technologies as the starting material for other magnesium products.

Machining Magnesium

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal and exhibits excellent machinability.

Meet the Magnesium Forging Alloys Team

Rick Tonge MBA

Product Line Manager

Based in Manchester, UK, Rick supports our customers globally, enabling his clients to design high performance products using Luxfer’s material technology. Why not reach out to Rick today?

    Design with Magnesium

    For information on how to Design with Magnesium register for our design guide