Magnesium Forging Billet

Luxfer MEL Technologies unique range of cast magnesium billet enable; lighter, stronger, safer and higher performance designs.

Our DC billet has excellent formability characteristics which reduces rejects and lowers processing costs for operators. DC cast billet is supplied in the homogenised condition with a high quality machined surface suitable for forging.

Lightest Structural Metal

With a density of 1.8gcm3, by volume magnesium is 30% lighter than aluminium and 75% lighter than steel.

High Specific Stiffness

For bars with equivalent weight and width, magnesium is 18 times stiffer than steel and double that of aluminium. In practice it is not always possible to increase section thickness to these extents.  But with only small increases in cross section it is not possible to redesign parts that offer 20-25% weight savings over aluminium equivalents and 65-70% weight savings when substituting steel designs.


Magnesium alloys can be shaped into plate by rolling and extruded into both solid and hollow profiles.  These can be further shaped using forging, pressing, bending or simply machining from solid.

Highly Machinable

Magnesium alloys are the easiest of all structural metals to machine.

Advantages include:

  • Low power consumption (45% less than aluminium)
  • Fast machining rate (55%)
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Reduced tool wear
  • Well broken chips

High Strength

Alloys are available that have comparable properties with other structural metals – with the added advantage of superior performance at elevated temperatures (good creep resistance and tensile strength).

EMI/RFI Shielding

Has inherent screening properties, useful for electronic enclosures and has good thermal conductivity for heat dissipation.

Vibration Damping

Magnesium alloys have excellent vibration damping properties.

Corrosion Resistance

Modern alloys have good corrosion resistance. For more severe environments there are a range of surface passivation and top coat treatments commercially available.

Our flagship high performance alloy designed for the most demanding applications. This rare earth containing alloy exhibits isotropic high strength with excellent corrosion resistance while being 33% lighter than typical aluminium alloys. Elektron43 alloy is highly suited to forged parts due to its excellent formability characteristics. Available in sizes: 200-330 mm diameter, max lengths: 2,000 mm.

Excellent balance of strength and corrosion performance while being cost effective. Download our data sheet to find out more. AZ80 alloy highlysuited to forged parts due to its excellent formability characteristics. Available in sizes 200-330 mm diameter, max lengths: 2,000 mm.

High strength and excellent fatigue properties, available in custom solid and hollow forms. Download our extrusion data sheet to find out more. Available in sizes: 200-330 mm diameter, max lengths: 2,000 mm.
All Luxfer MEL Technologies cast billet forging feedstock is supplied to the highest possible aerospace cleanness standard. We ultra-sonically test our billet product to: AMS STD 2154C, A and AA CLASS,immersion.

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