Casting Simulation in Elektron® Magnesium Alloys for Aerospace

As casting technology has developed over hundreds of years to create more complex and innovating parts within the aerospace and motorsport industries, the use of modern technology of casting simulation has quickly become a vital aspect of the design process when using magnesium alloys in applications.

The use of software to simulate the creations of castings can potentially help our customers optimise their working parameters, which allows leaner manufacturing time, increase yield, reduced scrap, and reduced casting defects, enabling our customers to create cleaner and sounder castings repeatedly.

Casting Simulation at Luxfer MEL Technologies

Since establishing casting simulation at Luxfer MEL Technologies, we’ve collaborated with customers around the world on over fifty individual projects. Partnering with teams on optimising our support, enabling us to correlate parameters between our simulation setup to individual real-world foundries for maximum accuracy in our work.

Here at Luxfer MEL Technologies, with the use of our own unique, internally generated datasets of Elektron®21, Elektron®RZ5 and other alloys, we pride ourselves on being able to generate highly accurate casting simulation results.

We’ve invested a considerable amount time and resource developing the datasets to be highly accurate, compared to alternative datasets in public domain. This also allows us to utilise and understand the result parameters with greater confidence.

What does the Aerospace Simulation Team at Luxfer MEL Technologies do?

The AAC simulation team at Luxfer MEL Technologies uses the powerful simulation tool, MAGMASoft to support customers throughout world in both Traditionally Poured (Gravity) and Differential Pressure Sand Casting (DPSC) systems.

Our team takes great pride in working alongside and providing unique, specialised technical support to our valued Aerospace and Automotive customers. Through the use of casting simulation of our Elektron® magnesium alloys, we strive to reach the common goal of creating the best quality product.

(Images are used with the permission of MAGMASoft:

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