Luxfer MEL Technologies is developing the best coatings systems for magnesium-machined components in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Oil & Gas and more.

Expert Coating Solutions for Machined Magnesium Components

In 2023, we shared the exciting news that Luxfer MEL Technologies are now offering a finished part service, taking our wide range of industry leading raw materials, and providing machined and coated finished Magnesium components.

Our Elektron® Finished Parts Team has been busy with setting the groundwork for our customers. Combining the exceptional knowledge of our technical department and the expertise of our subcontracting partners, our commitment is to find you the right application tailored to your specific requirements, as we understand the unique requirements for each individual project.

We know how crucial is to find the best recipe for you, whether you are a customer in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Military or Aerospace industry, our expert team can help you to create the best product for your requirements, from design all the way to delivery of the finished component.

We Find the Right Coating Solutions for your Applications

When it comes to coating applications, the industry has evolved, and so have we. Our pledge is to employ environmentally friendly coating systems. We exclusively work with chromate-free paints, ensuring compliance with REACH and RoHS regulations.

This commitment reflects our dedication to advancing our technologies to meet the diverse needs of our customers, whilst meeting our commitments in helping to create a more environmentally friendly world.

Finding the Correct Coatings: How LMT Can Guide You

We understand the challenges associated with new development work, and the headache of choosing the most effective coating for your products whilst staying within your budget.

This is why we have decided to launch our coating trial, comparing our previous data with new test results, to guide you in making the most informed decision. Whether it’s a wet paint application, powder coating, PTFE or PEO coating you need to achieve your product capabilities, the variety of these coating applications is almost endless.

In collaboration with third-party experts, we will conduct a series of coating trials on our Magnesium alloys in the coming months. The trials will focus on Elektron® 21 for Aerospace, AZ31 for Military/Defense, and SoluMag® 1100 for Oil & Gas industries.

We recognise that product performance under various conditions – be it high or low temperature, humidity, altitude, or stress tests like thermal shock, salt spray, and drop tests – is crucial. Whether you aim to extend the lifespan of SoluMag®, ensure durability of AZ80 or AZ31 in military applications, or maximise the heat and corrosion resistance of Elektron® 21, we are here to help.

Expert Tips and Guidance for Optimal Coating Choices

If you have already pinpointed the perfect type of coating for your Magnesium components, let us streamline your supply chain process.

Our one-stop-shop approach is designed to simplify and enhance your manufacturing journey. Let us know how we can assist you in achieving the highest standards for your products.

Find out more by visiting our dedicated Elektron® Finished Parts page, or get in touch with the team below for a consultation or quote.

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