Drive Train

Elektron 21 alloys are the materials of choice for transmission housings of many commercial and military helicopters, including models made by Boeing, Sikorsky, Bell, MD Helicopters, Airbus and Leonardo.

Military helicopters employing Elektron alloys include the Sikorsky H-60 series (Black Hawk, Seahawk and Special Forces versions), CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache, in which our Elektron 21 alloy is also used to achieve higher horsepower at higher temperatures.

Elektron 21 is a new high strength fully heat treatable magnesium based casting alloy for use at temperatures up to 200˚C. This lightweight magnesium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics and castability.

Elektron RZ5/ZE41 is a well proven lightweight magnesium casting alloy containing zinc, rare earths and zirconium. Used in the T5 condition, this high strength magnesium alloy is ideal for high integrity castings operating at ambient temperatures or up to 150˚C. In addition to displaying excellent casting characteristics, the alloy is both pressure tight and weldable.

Elektron WE43B is a high strength magnesium based casting alloy developed and patented by Luxfer MEL Technologies for use at temperatures up to 300˚C. This alloy system maintains its good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, without the use of either silver or thorium. The alloy is stable for long term exposure up to 250˚C. Elektron WE43B has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics.

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