Zirconium Oxides

Luxfer MEL Technologies zirconium oxides provide customers with high levels of purity and consistent properties to meet the most demanding of needs in ceramic applications.

The use of zirconium oxide (or zirconia) in many different types of ceramics is well established.  This is particularly so in advanced ceramics where electrical, wear and heat resistant properties are especially important. Our stabilised MELOxTM and conventional zirconium oxides are widely used in a vast array of industrial and consumer applications.

Luxfer MEL Technologies monoclinic zirconias are high performance, high purity zirconium oxides suitable for use in a variety of applications where a high level of control of chemical and physical properties is needed.

Depending on the specific requirements of particle size, surface area and purity, monoclinic zirconias are commonly used in:

  • High performance technical ceramics
  • Electronic applications such as PZT
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Thermal barrier coatings
  • Ceramic pigments
  • Refractories and insulation
  • Abrasives and polishing

Luxfer MEL Technologies MELox™ yttria stabilised zirconias are high performance, high purity zirconium oxides suitable for use in a range of demanding applications.

MELox™ yttria stabilised zirconias are spray-dried, free-flowing powders with high reactivity and sintering producing outstanding performance properties for final zirconia ceramic parts.

MELox™ stabilised zirconias are commonly used, for example, in:

  • 3Y – wear parts, structural ceramics and dental prostheses
  • 5Y – oxygen sensors
  • 8Y – solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes

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