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Luxfer MEL Technologies is a world leader in Zirconium chemistry, providing a wide variety of solutions with unparalleled quality and consistency. Having manufacturing plants based in England and New Jersey, Luxfer supply tailored crosslinkers for adhesion promoters for the paperboard and inks industry on a global scale. Fulfilling the ever-changing needs of our diverse customer base.

Bacote® 20 series

Bacote® 20 is our formaldehyse-free crosslinker used in the paper and paperboard industry:

  • Rapid curing and improved printability, with no adverse effect on optical properties.

  • Approved under both FDA and BfR regulations to be used in direct contact with aqueous, fatty and dry foods.

Making it a universal crosslinker used in mills worldwide.

Zirconium Acetate

Luxfer manufactures a high purity Zirconium Acetate, a reactive solution used as a crosslinker in Adhesives, printing inks and a binder in catalysis applications. A solution that is available in two concentrations. (22% and 30%).

Zirconium Propionate

Zirconium Propionate is an optimal adhesion promoter for solvent-based inks:

  • Safer alternative to titanium acetylacetonate

  • Improved heat and scrub resistance onto difficult substrates such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, metal and other packaging materials

  • Improved Pigment Stability

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Bacote® 20

Effective inorganic crosslinkers suitable for practically all types of pigmented paper and paperboard applications.

Paper and paperboard, water-based inks, and binder.
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Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC)

A crosslinker suitable for coated paper, paperboard and water based inks.

Paper and paperboard, and water based inks.
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Zirmel 1000

A highly effective ammonia-free crosslinker for paper coatings.

Paper and paperboard, and waterbased inks.
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Zirconium Acetate

Used for crosslinking and catalysis applications.

Catalysis, pigment coating, and printing inks.
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Zirconium Orthosulphate

A water soluble compound which is used for production of titanium oxide, softening leather, and as degreasing agent.

Titanium dioxide pigment, and catalysis.
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Zirconium Propionate

Zirconium Propionate is a white, free-flowing powder used as an ink adhesion promoter for solvent based inks.

Solvent based inks.
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Zirconium Nitrate (ZON)

A strong acidic, clear aqueous solution, occasionally appearing slightly brown.

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    Jordan Baron

    EU Sales Manager
    Europe/Middle East/Africa

    Based in Manchester, UK, Jordan supports our Coating and Solution customers throughout the entirety of Europe. Jordan is solely focused on providing guidance to new and existing customers, ensuring they receive Luxfer’s quality service and products. Please contact Jordan to discuss how our coating and solutions can benefit your operational needs.

      Paul Rogan

      Sector Manager

      Based in Manchester, UK, Paul supports our solutions and catalysis customers across the globe. Having 25 years of experience within the chemical industry, Paul enables his clients to develop high performance zirconia products using his expertise and Luxfer’s state of the art technology. Reach out to Paul today to discuss how Luxfer’s catalysis products can fit into your application.